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Škoda  2006
Škoda  2006
Škoda  2006
Škoda  2006
Škoda 2006 0
Ester V.
Response time Není
Acceptance rate Není
Vehicle kind item_not_available
Bodywork item_not_available
Number of seats 5
Transmission type Manuální
Fuel Diesel
Consumption 5
Raid item_not_available
Power 0 kW
Engine size 0 ccm
Total weight 1500 kg
Terms of rent
I am willing to transport the car to different location
Travel abroad
Highway vignette
Smoking allowed
Pets allowed
Wheelchair platform
Hand control

Vymazlena Okticka s vybavou Elegance, nyni v zime urcite ocenite vyhrivana predni sedadla :-) Jedina vada na krase je momentalne vysypany kousek jednoho zadniho svetla, ale je to jen mala cast a v provozu ani svetelne signalizaci to nijak nevadi.


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Per trip
700 CZK
Václava Rady, Prague 15600
Daily 700 CZK
From 3 days 595 CZK
Week 525 CZK
2 weeks 455 CZK
Raid in price 200 km
Price per km above the daily limit 3 CZK/km
Daily rent includes 200 km. Kilometers are counted for the entire booking. Every kilometer above the total limit is charged 3 CZK/km. Prices include VAT.

Price includes insurance and 24/7 assistance service

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