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Every car is insured byUniqaand we are proud members of the family

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HoppyGo is a GO! Almost everyone who tried the service were satisfied. Owners are nice, drivers are responsible, all cars are in good shape. Why don’t you try on your own? Let us know how YOU liked it.

300+ vehicle types to rent

HoppyGo users offer a variety of cars for every life occasion. Going for a weekend trip? We got you covered. Need a van to move your lover with all of their monsteras, books and yorkshire terrier? No problem! Just pick a car that suits your needs.

Offer a vehicle and make money

Register your car, offer it to other drivers and earn a decent amount of money. Users who use the service actively earn an average of € 2,400 per year. Insurance is automatically provided by UNIQA.

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Quick registration and the ability to instantly search for cars in the catalog. Communication with owners directly and easy payment through the application.

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To keep our platform safe, we pay special attention to the users’ verification. It usually takes only a few minutes to approve your account, in rare situations a bit longer, but never more than 24 hours.
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