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Rent a car directly from its owner

Why HoppyGo?

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How does HoppyGo work?

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Create an account

Registration is simple – all you need is a couple of minutes and a valid driver’s license and ID. We approve accounts within 24 hours!


Pick a car

Enter the area, the start and end dates of the rental, and choose from hundreds of cars. Do you want a car even quicker? Request several and you will only pay for the car whose owner responds first.


Get the car

When you meet the owner, just record the car’s condition at the start of the rental in the HoppyGo app and you’re ready to head off on your trip!

Why HoppyGo?

With HoppyGo, you choose a car only when you need one. A car for that special need? A van to move? Want to take a weekend trip in a sporty roadster? HoppyGo is perfect for all of these situations. Is your car unused most of the time? Offer it to drivers from your area!


With HoppyGo, you book a car only when you need one. Need a van to move? Want to take a weekend trip in a sporty roadster? HoppyGo is perfect for all of these situations. Or maybe your car is unused most of the time? You can offer it to drivers in your area!

More than 1500 cars to choose from
It’s easy to book a car straight from your mobile phone
Every rental through HoppyGo is insured

What’s new?

23 July


Jak bezpečně zvládnout cestu na dovolenou z pohledu profesionála

Letní prázdniny jsou obdobím dovolených a s nimi spojeným zvýšeným provozem na pozemních komunikacích. Na silnici si troufnou i sváteční řidiči, motorkářská sezóna je v plném proudu, rojí se cyklisti, na řidiče útočí horko a únava z dlouhých přejezdů a o nehody a karamboly tedy není nouze. Náš kamarád Honza Chabada, obchodní ředitel společnosti Global


Latest cars

Opel VivaroCZK 991 per day
Opel MovanoCZK 1,610 per day
Škoda OctaviaCZK 460 per day
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For car owners

Do you have a car but don’t use it regularly? Offer it to HoppyGo’s community of drivers! You’ll contribute to reducing the number of cars on the roads and at the same time you’ll make some side income from your car.

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