New HoppyGo monthly rentals are coming! Set your rental time to more than 30 days and get a 50% discount on your daily rental price and a 50% discount on your car accident insurance. Find out more about monthly rentals on our blog.
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New digital solutions, services, and technologies are peak importance for ŠKODA's future development. We are preparing for the digital age with our ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab. Our goal is to develop entirely new mobility solutions for our customers. ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab generates, develops, tests and turns ideas into reality. More on

Leo express

LEO Express is a private Czech transport company. Our vision is to improve public transport every day. We launched the first link at the end of 2012 and now serve 81 cities in 6 countries. Leo express has decided to be HoppyGo's main partner because it fits into the concept of linking public transport services and individual transport. At nodal points, the service can be linked to our train or bus ride. More info at


Cebia is a company providing services in screening, identification and valuation of vehicles. For HoppyGo customers, Cebia allows car verification and rental price setup. For immediate information about a car, fill in the VIN code directly on our HoppyGo app. In Cebia they have decided for partnership with HoppyGo because they root for ideas which save time and provide maximum safety and transparency in car renting. More info at


ČSOB Pojišťovna is a universal insurance company which covers all traditional and non-traditional risks. This company now provides unique protection also to the users of the carsharing platform HoppyGo. ČSOB Pojišťovna, on its way to a market share of 10%, has been paying attention to and supporting activities in non-traditional areas, innovative projects and start-ups. That´s why they have decided to partner with HoppyGo and provide owners as well as renters/drivers with a bigger sense of security during their carsharing experience/while using the HoppyGo service. More info at


RENOMIA, a. s., is the largest Czech insurance brokerage company. Since 1993 it has been providing complex services in the fields of risk management and insurance for companies and their employees. RENOMIA has been successfully enlarging its activities not only in the Czech Republic but also in other countries in the Central and Eastern Europe. Thanks to its leading position and extensive experience RENOMIA offers extraordinary conditions of insurance coverage, flexible claims settlement and advantageous prices. Specialists from RENOMIA systematically analyze the risks and base on the analysis present specific insurance programs which meet the requirements and needs of the clients. RENOMIA also provides high quality consultancy and complex insurance services for HoppyGo. More at